A New Look

Regular readers will have noticed that over the last day or so, I’ve rolled out a new ‘look’.  The logo is obviously the biggest change. Gone is the rounded sans-serif style, and it is a more traditional serif style.

There’s a couple of reasons for this change.  Firstly, a while ago I transitioned the site to use a much darker background (which, supposedly is more energy efficient as it requires less energy to display) and the previous brown/green logo combination was proving tricky to integrate.

Secondly, botanical names simply ‘look’ better with serif typography – the difference between the regular and italicised lettering is clearer and easier to understand (which the new design alludes to).

Thirdly, the original design relied on the ‘two circles’, with integrated fork and leaf, as a standalone element for small spaces.  Whilst this worked well, I couldn’t help but think it was trying a little ‘too hard’.

The new design allows me to simply use the ‘f’ from the logo, which is just as unique and hopefully identifiable as the full logo.  The new logo perhaps is more subtle. More ‘botanical’ in style. Yet still incorporates the two key elements of the original – the ‘fork’ and the ‘leaf’. This time, both elements are part of the letter ‘f’.

The ForkMojo ‘f’ incorporates both a fork and a leaf

I’m finding myself feeling more ‘connected’ to traditional approaches, traditional styles – despite a lifetime in technology. The new look resonates better with my personal feelings and approach. That, in turn, gives me that little more confidence in the site as a ‘brand’ moving forward.


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