Mud and Bloom Subscription Box Review

Getting Started

There’s a *lot* to get through in this box – you certainly come away thinking you’re getting value for money! What particularly struck me was that once we’d looked over the box contents, Sydney was especially taken by the News, Fungi Spotter and Quiz – all the ‘educational’ aspects. The box arrived just after half term finished here unfortunately, otherwise I suspect it could have kept us busy for a day or two.

Planting the Crocus Bulbs

The first ‘outdoor’ activity we decided to do was planting the crocus bulbs. Sydney loves planting anything, it’s certainly her favourite activity at the allotment (aside from eating strawberries straight from the plant!). She also adores flowers, so the thought of seeing them pop up as early as next February was especially exciting for her. She revelled in the though that something she planted would probably be the first thing to appear on our new plot!

Because we’re still working over the ground on the new plot, we decided to plant into a small container – bit enough to hold all 3 bulbs. We’ll most likely move these into a permanent position in the ground next year, but for their first year this will suffice. Sydney was able to read through the instructions herself easily enough, though she did ask to use my dibber to ensure she was planting them at the correct depth. Once placed in the holes, they were covered up and given a light watering before the container was placed in it’s new home alongside our bench outside.

Collecting Leaves

Aside from planting the crocuses, she’s been amassing an impressive collection of twigs and leaves. After the second bin bag full of leaves, I suggested perhaps we take some to the plot for leaf mould – but she’s kept some back ready for the other activities!

We’ve had some difficulty finding pine cones to make the pine cone owls. Usually we find plenty on our walks to and from school each day at this time of year, but despite our best efforts, we haven’t found a single one yet! We may need to venture further afield in our hunt for them.

We have however been ‘fungi spotting’ each day on the school run. Fungi is something I personally knew little about, so I’ve found this activity particularly interesting too. We’ve so far found four of the five types listed, simply by looking in the park to and from school. It’s definitely an activity that has made us pay more attention to our surroundings – and to be honest, I thought we were already pretty good at doing that!

As at the time of writing, we haven’t had chance to try any of the craft activities, though aside from the pine cones we do now have everything needed to do them (the leaves we collected needed a day or two to dry off, so we couldn’t do everything at once).

That we haven’t got through all activities is no fault of the box. Sydney is perhaps a little less keen on craft than she is learning and growing, but the main reason we haven’t got through everything is simply lack of time. Her school give a *lot* of homework – far more than most from what I gather, so weekday evenings tend to be consumed by that leaving little time for anything else. It’s an argument we have ongoing with school, who seem far more obsessed with results than the way they’re achieved. Not necessarily a fault of the school, and more with the way younger years education is heading – but that’s another post for another day!

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