My Sunday Photo – 28th October

A bit too cold to take a dip!

I haven’t participated in My Sunday Photo for a few weeks.  There’s only so many times you can post a photo of soil and weeds, and quite frankly that has pretty much dominated my time recently.

The school holidays do tend to shake things up a bit though.  As much as my daughter loves ‘going digging’, I don’t think she’s quite so keen to do it all day, every day.  Now that the weather has turned bitterly cold, I must admit it’s not something I revel in either.

Regardless of the weather, we still try to be outdoors as much as possible.  On Friday, we ventured out with one of our dogs – Minnie.  As with all Boxers, Minnie is full of energy and needs lots of exercise.  Fortunately, we have a public park right at the end of our street – perfect for a bit of ball-throwing to tire her out.  On this occasion though, we took the car a few miles up the road to a local country park.

A Hidden Gem

Clifton Country Park is something of a hidden gem in Salford – pretty much on the doorstep of the bustling cities up the road, but when you’re there you could be in the middle of nowhere.

There are various routes you can take through the park – there are pre-defined paths for the less mobile, but also lots of opportunities to venture off.  You could go here hundreds of times and never take the same route twice.

On this occasion we ventured across a small bridge and down an incline to find this somewhat secluded ‘beach’.  It’s more stone than sand, so not a place I’d fancy sunbathing during summer – but the scenery is amazing.  You can’t see it on this photo, but to the left is a huge waterfall. I imagine it is somehow connected to the nearby water treatment works.  The sound of rushing water is both overwhelming and peaceful at the same time.

The outside temperature was a mere 4 degrees – bitterly cold!  I certainly wouldn’t dream of taking a dip – but that didn’t stop Minnie!

Rather her than me!

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