Plotopia Progress – Week 7

Despite the bitterly cold weather, and frequent rain for much of the week, I’ve finally managed to get one half of the plot ‘weed free’.

I didn’t get as much time there as I’d hoped, but I somewhat suspected that would be the case.  School holidays, as ever, got in the way a little.  My daughter did join me for one day, fortunately a rather mild day, before the frost really kicked in later in the week.

The frosty mornings look to be here until next year now, unless the weather suddenly takes another drastic turn.  I shouldn’t be surprised though – we are only days away from November now.

I will, no doubt, be working throughout autumn and winter to get this plot ‘ready’.  I’m keen to avoid another season of ‘structuring’ – come spring, I want to be focusing on sowing, planting and growing.

White Finger

The sudden cold snap did prove a challenge that I had to solve.  I suffer with Raynaud’s syndrome, which (most of the time) is brought on by cold weather.  In the past, I’ve never considered this anything more than an inconvenience.  This time however, it was physically painful.  I suspect that’s because I was trying to use my fingers, rather than simply holding things.  Weeding without using your fingers isn’t really very easy!

Insulated Gardening Gloves

After 30 minutes, I had to admit defeat and head home – feeling somewhat deflated.  I asked for some recommendations via Instagram, and some Briars Thermally Insulated Gardening Gloves were recommended.  They cost significantly more that I usually pay for gardening gloves (I generally find £2-£3 pairs are perfectly adequate – I avoid wearing them during summer months anyway, where possible).  But, I have to say – they’re worth every penny.  The day after they arrived, I gave them a try out and managed a full day without a hint of problem in my fingers.

I also took the opportunity to order a new Wolf-Garten tool – a double hoe.  This features a right-angled fork, and I’ve found getting the couch grass out is much easier using this than a regular fork.  It’s certainly less strain on my ribs, anyway!

Half the plot weeded – half to go!

The goal for this week was always to get the first ‘half’ of the plot weed free.  Thankfully, I’ve achieved that.  The second half of the plot is already partially done, and the ground isn’t quite so ‘matted’ with weeds, so I’m hopeful it’s not going to take another 7 weeds to get that side done!

Almost there…

I’m aiming, weather allowing, to have that side done within 2 weeks.  Then the timber can be put in and things will finally start to take shape!

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