Plotopia Progress – Week 2

Another week rolls by, and the weather has again been the deciding factor in progress this week!  It’s rained pretty much every day, though there have been some windows of opportunity to make progress.

The windy weather also diverted some of my attention to the original plot. Both the sweetcorn and Achocha had been brought to the ground.  I harvested those, along with the carrots. Just a few pumpkins in the ground there, which I will pull up in the coming days (they’ve barely grown at all in the last 4 weeks anyway).

I’ve managed to dig over around 20% of the new plot now, and remove all of the deep-rooted weeds at the edges. That alone accounted for a good 8 hours of solid, hard work. But, it’s probably the most ‘visible’ change on the plot so far.

I did some further ‘marking out’ this week with canes and string. It would appear a ‘creature’ of some kind, most likely a cat, has taken a liking to my string!  Marking everything out in string is probably not going to work, but tackling smaller areas with that approach is more feasible.

New Pond

I made a start on filling the existing drainage ditch and creating the new 2m x 2m pond before rain stopped play. I have since decided it may make more sense to get the shed & greenhouse bases in before I commit to that. Ideally, I want to be sure the pond isn’t *too* close to the greenhouse door. Realistically the only way to be certain of that is to have the base (and paths) in place.

New Pond marked out

A new plot holder also viewed this site this weekend and asked if they could take on my ‘old’ plot. Naturally, I have of course agreed.  The challenge for the week ahead is to prepare the opposite end to the new plot. The compost bins and polytunnel will then be moved from the old plot.  Fortunately, the current weather forecast is favourable. I think having a least a little bit of structure on the new plot will speed things up a bit.

The heavy rain this week has shown however that both the pond and ditch are working as intended.  For an area that flooded at the slightest hint of rain, the soil has remained workable throughout, despite the pond and ditches virtually full.

Almost full pond!

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