Do you name your plot?

Most people I’ve come across refer to their plot as either ‘the plot’, ‘lottie’ or their plot number. I’ve previously referred to mine as ‘the plot’ (and more recently, ‘new plot’). But it seems rather impersonal and not entirely reflective of it’s importance to me.

Perhaps it could be considered a little delusional to name a small plot of land. But the size isn’t necessarily reflective of its value. My own plot of land is, I expect, every bit as important to me as Longmeadow is to Monty.

I can understand, and relate, to people calling their plot by number. It’s quite obviously a descriptive name, and the term ‘lottie’ is perhaps more ‘friendly’. ‘The plot’ is particularly impersonal.

Perhaps because I spend so much time talking and writing about it, but I feel the need to give my plot a name of its own. I’ve long since known what I would call a large garden. I’m keeping that to myself for now, in case I ever get to actually use it!. But that name doesn’t ‘work’ on a small scale.

For now, I’m still mulling over some name ideas. I may yet just stick with ‘the plot’. Am I alone in this desire, or do you name your plot too? If you do, why?

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