AllotmentShed, Greenhouse – or both?

As I work through the design and layout for my new plot, I'm trying to decide whether to get a shed, greenhouse or both.

My original plot had a 10×6 greenhouse, which came with the plot. As someone that takes particular pleasure from growing from seed, this was an important part of the plot (and allowed me to get ‘stuff’ done when the weather was poor). However, at times I found myself wishing I had a shed instead – particularly during the winter months when sheds are just generally a bit ‘cosier’. It could also be said that sheds are far easier to ‘personalise’ – decorate with trinkets and the like that make it more personal and homely.

I’m slightly reluctant to give over so much plot space to accommodate both a shed and a greenhouse – perhaps if I had twice the space, it would be a no-brainer. Storage space and security are the main benefits of a shed, though site security isn’t a big concern at this point – the new site is like fort knox! Conversely, raising seedlings in a shed is a non-starter – but I could perhaps make use of coldframes instead?

A further option could be to have a shed and small polytunnel, a cheaper option but minimal space saving

Given the choice, which would you go for, any why?

Lee Bailey

Founder and Editor, ForkMojo. Organic Allotmenteer, Husband, Father & Programmer.

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