AllotmentPlotopia Progress – Week 9

Weeds be gone!

I’m cheating a little this week. Regular readers will know that I usually post my progress updates on Mondays.

This week, I’m a day late – for one simple reason. Aside from a brief trip to the plot planting 3 crocus bulbs with my daughter, today was the first visit since my last update.

A combination of poor weather and other work commitments conspired against me this past week. Fortunately, today I had a good run at it.

I’m pleased to say, the plot – all 330 square metres of it – is now pretty much weed free!

A few are beginning to pop back up here and there, but nothing if any significance and to be expected. I’ll deal with those ‘as and when’, with a more determined effort while I’m putting in the timber. Once that is in place, I’ll have proper, ‘defined’, beds and paths. To say I’ve missed that would be an understatement.

I’m someone that likes order and tidiness, so the timber edging that will define the plot layout is pretty important.

I’ll admit that the weeding has been harder work than I expected. The plot is bigger, and the task more challenging, than I expected. I generally enjoy weeding usually – when I can finish a defined ‘area’, such as a bed or border. When it’s just once huge area, it’s surprisingly difficult to judge your achievements.

What we started with, 9 weeks ago…

Sometimes I’d work a solid 6 hours, then wonder what I’d done.

But, in any event, it’s done now – the soil is workable. The weeds are gone. I’m ready, at last, to define the layout.


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