AllotmentPlotopia Progress – Week 8

The end of weeding is in sight!

Just a small update this week as it’s pretty much been more of the same, with little variation.

The second half of the plot has now been full dug over and the stubborn ‘edge’ weeds dug out entirely.  I’ve found that by digging over the soil and leaving it for a day or two, the weed roots come out fairly easily.  I’d told myself no more forking, but in reality this is the best, and quickest, way of doing it.

This site is generally less ‘weedy’ than the now completed side, and I’ve already got a quarter of it ‘weed free’.  With luck, one more full day should be sufficient to rid the rest of the weeds.

Once those are out, I’ll use the previously mentioned rotavator to break up any clumps – then we’re ready for the timber!  From that point, progress should be a bit more ‘visual’ – it will be nice to write about something other than weeding for once!

Talking of weeds, some are popping up again in areas I’ve already weeded.  I expected this, as you’re never going to get everything on the first attempt.  I’ve been pulling them out ‘as and when’, but I’m not making a conscious effort to get rid of them again – unless they stick out like a sore thumb, anyway.  For now, they’re basically little ‘blades’ here and there, rather than clumps.

Once the timber is in place, I’ll begin the process of weeding the ‘beds’ more frequently to keep them totally weed free.  For now, I simply need the ground workable for me to get the timber in place.

The current long range forecast suggests reasonable weather for next week, so I’m hoping to have the timber delivered then.


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