AllotmentPlotopia Progress – Week 10

A rest week - but exams booked!

Little to report in this weeks update.  By little, I mean nothing. At all.

I’ve visited a few times, very briefly. Never for more than a few minutes at a time – usually just to drop off some veg peelings from home, or check that everything is still in place following a gusty night.

At this time of year, when there is less urgency on the plot, the ‘day job’ tends to take priority.  That’s very much been the case for the last few weeks, and being stuck behind a desk for days on end certainly takes its toll after a while.

Truth is, there isn’t much I can do on the plot just yet. Everything now revolves around waiting for the timber – which will arrive next Tuesday – hooray!  Things should pick up in pace then because I really want to get the structure in place before Christmas.  The shed and greenhouse can, or will have to, wait until the new year – for cost reasons if not time.

The weather has most definitely turned, and it’s now feeling bitterly cold outside.  Assembling and laying out the timber is going to be hard work – and as much as I’m looking forward to it being done, I can’t say I’m excited about ‘doing’ it in this cold.  If the past 12 months is anything to go by though, the weather will be even worse as we head into the new year, so I’ll have to ‘suck it up’ and get on with it.

Exams Booked!

In other news, I’ve now booked myself in to do the RHS Level 2 exams next February.  I’ll be doing 4 in a single day.  I would otherwise have to wait until July to sit more.  In some respects I like the idea of just getting them all done at once.  In other respects it feels like a lot of pressure.  I won’t be able to spend the days leading up to it focused on a single area – I’ll need to head in there knowing enough for all 4 exams.

It would be fair to say I’m not ready for them yet, by a long shot. But I do have two and a half months to get myself ready, which I think is realistic.  I am enjoying learning things that are completely new to me, which of course helps – but I keep losing my notes, which of course doesn’t help.  I’ve taken to doing them on my iPad now, and being able to take notes while reading alongside on the same screen has been a huge help – though I’m quickly starting to realise why so many students opt for the Apple Pencil too.  Typing and reading is nowhere near as fluid as reading and writing!

Next weeks update will, hopefully, involve lots of timber!  In the coming days I’ll outline my layout plans too, so keep an eye out for that.



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